Any way to get the camera work at all?



It looks like me camera suit will be here soon, according to tracking.

Does the standard linux image for the Zero contain built-in camera support? Any usage examples out there, even basic ones - to capture a video or image?

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Bump. has anyone enabled the camera in a meaningful way? Does the default image support recording video?

A few weeks ago I received the camera suit - everything looks good; just need to verify it works in the software :slight_smile:


There is no camera support out of the box.
The driver is in development stage.


Thank you for the insight. Know of any projects or efforts to get the camera to work?

I have the the camera dock reward now, and no way to get the camera to work, unfortunately.


There is no clear answer:

  1. Camera probably work in legacy software (Linux/Android/etc) for V3s , but not clear which camera you have.
  2. In mainline kernel and related linux systems currently implementation work is going on Parallel CSI (Camera Sensor Interface) not on MIPI CSI, but LicheePiZero Base implement MIPI CSI (not parallel one). So there is no support and I did not sow any effort.

If you are interested in current status of Parallel CSI - you are welcome on , there is described status and links to many mainline efforts.


Thanks. Highly interested in the camera connectivity. Will check out the mailing list as well on liux-sunxi.



Looks like there’s some good activity here, working through a code review:!searchin/linux-sunxi/v3s|sort:date/linux-sunxi/Cu5ldv_SzSc/73FR9h50BAAJ

Once that’s fully merged the next question will be, can the camera be piped through the video encoder?

Exciting times. I hope we can use this chip after all.