Connecting LCD module HW800480F-3E-0B-10



I’m trying to connect an LCD screen (taken from some tablet spare parts seller) to the LicheePi Zero. Part number is HW800480F-3E-0B-10 (apparently it is 800x480 and has resistive touch support).

For some reason, only a part of the screen is used by linux (see pic).

Also, mouse cursor is randomly moving in the bottom right corner of the screen (can be seen on the photo somewhat), and it does not seem to react to touch at all.

It almost looks like linux is using 640x480 instead of 800x480 (but dmesg shows 800x480 mode being initialized).

Did anyone connect someting similar with better results? Trying to figure out if the display is defective, or if I’m doing something wrong, or maybe some linux setting is missing.


Apparently, the LCD module itself was defective. I’ve bought a different one, smaller, with resolution of 480x272, replaced the uboot with suitable version, and now the touchscreen works with no issues.

Will try with a 800x480 module again once I’m able to get another of them.