Eagle CAD file for the LicheePi Zero

Hello guys!

Does anyone has the Eagle CAD files for the LicheePi Zero?

I’d like to make a custom PCB for a simple project.

I have head over the LicheePi Zero GitHub repository but I don’t see the CAD files of the board :frowning:


it’s probably made in altium so there wont be any eagle cad files

Hi, here is the normal cad file, and step 3d file, hope it can help you:

Here you can find the schematic of the zero and the base board.
I also already created a proper eagle library for the Allwinner V3S.
Edit: Eagle library for the Allwinner V3S
Please be aware that this footprint isn’t tested yet!

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@Zepan what is in the zero.intlib file, is that the schematics and layout in altium?

Yes, it is altium lib.
I’m layout with altium.

When I try to open the file in Altium, I get only schematic symbols and footprints, no schematic or layout data.

Can you provide both schematic and laout files, please?