eLQFP and LQFP package difference?


Hi ,

What is the difference between eLQFP and LQFP package?


there is literally no information about eLQFP, so I think that eLQFP is some sort of special Allwinner package terms. Maybe it describes the ground pad on the bottom of the IC?
If you are looking for a proven footprint of the Allwinner V3s, I made one.


Thanks for the reply. I am looking for Alwinner V3s footprint. I am using kicad. It would be great if you could share you footprint.


I’m working with Eagle, so I don’t know if Eagle and Kicad are compatible.
The footprint is proven, but better check if all pins are connected the correct way, because I don’t use every Interface of the SOC.


Thanks for the reply.
What is i use the standard LQFP 128 pin footprint?
Is it same for allwinner V3s?


yes i used the same library for my PCBs and the footprint fits perfectly.


But don’t get me wrong you just can’t use any kind of standard 128 pin LQFP package. You will have to match the pin pitch, the width of the pins and much more measurements provided by Allwinner.
The footprint in my eagle library fits perfectly, so just use this footprint.


@petit_miner I will try to convert eagle lib to kicad. Thnaks for the reply. And two more things.
1)Have you put via’s on the thermal pad?
2) Where did you get NS2009 online. I am not getting the IC.

  1. I can’t tell you that because I solder the V3s SOC by hand and placed a large Hole where the Thermal pad of the SOC is.
  2. I have also created a Library for that IC, but it is really hard to get them. I think you should look for an alternative. Thanks to the Device tree there are many supported Touch Controllers.
    Just search for I2C touch controller linux and I bet you will find some :wink:


thnaks @petit_miner. I will have a lot of questions while designing the board. I need your help. :slight_smile:


sure ask whatever you want :wink: :smile: