Ethernet link goes up and down


I compiled the Ethernet driver for the Allwinner V3s and it works as supposed, but when I download “more stuff” like installing nano or update the package list the ethernet link goes up and down. The leds on the RJ45 Jack go on and off to, yes even the link led.
But the download or SSH connections don’t get disconnected.
Pinging other devices in my home network and pinging google works without a problem and the link stays on.
Maybe I made a mistake in my hardware design.
Could someone test if they have the same issue?


About hardware.
If PHY-to-rj45 (HR9111) connection is correct, need to check also +1.2V power.

Probably, in your design EPHY_VDD is not separate power, shared with CPU_VDD.
On heavy core loading, CPU_VDD peak current is up to 0.5A and more.
It may be make unstable +1.2V voltage.

Is ethernet work normal, when cpu loaded without network operations:
stress test, compressing big file, etc… ?


Yes they share the same rail, but however I wasn’t able to reproduce the “bug”.
I downloaded a 5GB test file on an external USB drive and ran CPUburn, the bug never appeared.


I connected TRC1188NLE, without pull-up resistors.
Transformer midpoints connected to ground through capacitors 0.1 uf.
Link is stable.


I’m still having some Issues, could you show me the proper connection between the V3s SOC and the HR911105A?
That would be very nice.