Finally received a suit


Just got what seems to be a laptop suite. Super late, but good on @zepan for following through.


i assume the thing on the left is a 20c power bank pcb, no? any technical data on it? where do you plan on soldering it?
did you make the lcd work?
among the assorted crap i got, not what i backed at all, not even close, there are 5 crap lcds and there isn’t a pair that are similar to each other. all are 2nd hand, used and with visible defects such as freaking burn marks, some are “fixed” with freaking tape torn it seems with teeth. i kid you not. truly mind blown.


I think the blue PCB probably was just laying on my desk, ignore that. That’s unfortunate, but slightly better than other hw crowdfunding where they throw up their hands and don’t ship anything.


I am still waiting for my Indiegogo order… haven’t gotten any replies to my messages :confused: