Having challenges getting started


Excited to get going with the 2 Lichee PI Zeros I ordered but, am struggling.

I’m relatively competent working with SoCs and have Raspberry Pis, Pine64s etc.

I followed the tutorial on the site

I’m confident I’ve got the image on the SD and the SD’s in the device and powered.

I see /dev/ttyACM0 and, attempting to use the UART, I see /dev/ttyUSB0


  • unable to see any serial output
  • no LED output

Would appreciate pointers on debugging.



Hi, what image you burned? dd image requires high quality TF card.
You can try zero_imager to burn images.

Then check connect the right uart, and connect tx rx right.

If there still have no log output, you should check the board current consume.
the normal consume without tf card is about 60mA, with tf card is 100~180 mA.
If you get about 20mA current consume, it means the V3S is not work at all, it may damaged during shipment. That may well be main osc sealing-off, you can try resolder it or heat the whole board.


I have a good quality card.

I found the image indirectly through one of the links on this site.

I will check out whether the board’s drawing current.

Should I assume the LED is illuminated with power?


The green LED will light after system boot up.
But before that, serial should output log.


No green LED.

Using Win32DiskImager to write lichee_zero-mindb_alpha.dd yields:

- boot.scr (5/5/17 - 1KB)
- sun8i-v3s-licheepi-zero.dtb (5/5/17 - 9KB)
- u-boot-sunxi-with-spl.bin (5/5/17 - 390KB)
- zImage (5/5/17 - 3,894KB)

Is that correct?


8k offset: u-boot-sunxi-with-spl.bin
first partion: boot.scr, sun8i-v3s-licheepi-zero.dtb , zImage
second partion: rootfs


by default there is not getty configured on usbserial.

see No output on USB serial
all credits to combs

use a pc capable of reading/writing Ext2 filesystem (a linux box e.g.), and insert the microsdcard.

  • Add ttyGS0 to the end of /etc/securetty to enable root login, otherwise it will say Login incorrect as soon as you enter root
  • Make a systemd getty entry: ln -s /lib/systemd/system/serial-getty@.service /etc/systemd/system/getty.target.wants/getty@ttyGS0.service

then swap the card into your lichee, boot and you should see output on your serial gadget.
login is root / toortoor.

hope this may help




It’s unclear to me how I should add rootfs as the second partition on the SD card.

I’ve been using Windows (Win32DiskImager) and had moved mindb_dd to the card using it.

I’ve also downloaded rootfs-minddb.tar.gz but it’s unclear how I get this onto the card correctly.


DazWilkin -
Firs of all - ZeroImager is group of Linux scripts to create 2 file systems on SD card and put needed files from archives to. Probably those are not for Windows.
Other situation is with ready SD card image (often called xxxxxx.DD because it’s created with tool “dd” under linux ), and it could be written under Windows, but most of the time it is dedicated to whole card, not for second partition. It’s because image contain partition table, bootloader and both partitions/file system. (In current situation).



I hadn’t used ZeroImager for this.

I took the tar.gz’d and used Win32DiskImager to write the dd file to the SD card.

The tutorial suggests that Linux or Windows may be used to produce the SD card but evidently Windows should not.

I’d used a Windows machine because it has an SD card slot.

I’ve been unsuccessful using the SD card slot on my Ubuntu machine. I’ll find another.