HawkView ISP & Allwinner SDK


Dear Caize Wu,

I would like to know if you have come across documentation or software related to the HawkView ISP that is built into the Allwinner V3s. I’m trying to determine if this SOC would be suitable for our camera project but have been having a very difficult time finding any information related to the ISP.

I would greatly appreciate any assistance you could give on this.



Hi, It is available in allwinner sdk, and it is in:http://pan.baidu.com/s/1eR6uIsy


The only information on ISP I can find is in the Allwinner V3s datasheet: ISP
* Support input formas:8/10-bits RAW RGB,8-bits YCbCr
* Support output formats:YCbCr420 semi-planar,YCrCb420 semi-planar, YCbCr422 semi-planar,YCrCb422
semi-planar,YUV420 plnanr,YUV422 planar
* Support image mirror flip and rotation
* Support two output channels
* Speed up to 8MPixels@24fps
* Defect pixel correction
* Super lens shading correction
* Anisotropic non-linear Bayer interpolation with false color suppression
* Programmable color correction
* Advanced contrast enhance and sharping
* Advanced saturation adjust
* Advanced spatial(2D) de-noise filter
* Advanced chrominance noise reduction
* Zone-based AE/AF/AWB statistics
* Anti-flick detection statistics
* Histogram statistics

But how do you actually use it?


Thanks for this link!


Thanks Squonk42, I was able to find this in the datasheet and it is what I was looking for high level.