How to purchase the Lichee Tang FPGA board in Europe?


hi, i’m new here.
i have subscribed because i’ve seen the splash about Lichee Tang.

is this FPGA board available for the western market? Taobao is not that easy for us.

i’d like to get one of these samples, and i could use Paypal



Edit: i put a question mark on the subject, because it was misleading. i’m looking for the board, and NOT offering a way to find it easily!


I use superbuy (shipping forwarder) to buy things off of taobao, should work if it’s on there


That’s great advice. It’s surely ‘educational’ process… so I did It… at least the first step, the purchase with delivery of the board to their warehouse. Now waiting for It, i’m wondering which best shipping option for delivery to Europe. They have quite a selection… for such a tiny board, what do you think? Any recent experience? The PostNL looks like cheap and by air/fast. The custom should not apply for a 14$ good…


not sure, im in the us. just pick one that does the least inspection since it doesn’t have CE markings


jsut a followup, the board has arrived to Superbuy arehouse, they had to split in two items because they added some mints as a gift.
here comes a small issue. if i select both for delivery to Italy, some shippers are skipped because they do not deliver “food”
so i preferred to just skip the candy and send the board using PostNL (or similar) air service, as the board value is 10$ or so… it should take few days.

PS Now i have to trash the candy item, otherwise Superbuy will bill me for the storage!!


I am also interested to get this board from Europe (Switzerland). How much did you pay in total using Superbuy?


practically up to now it’s been a pretty “smooth” experience.
i registered on Superbuy (and that’s quite English…), then i found the link to the Lichee Tang on Taobao. BTW i chose the 98CN package, i don’t know what the 135CN option said to enable “RV-something” buys you. i’ve asked Zepan on the Telegram chat (here in the forum i do not see him or other people in the know, being all that active, indeed…)

the board and the shipping to the Superbuy Guangzhu warehouse costed me 98+12 CN = 110 CN with Paypal: 17.46USD

when the package arrived, it was composed of two item: the board itself and a candy (marked as “food, not meat” by Superbuy agents); the shipping of the “candy” would raise costs and reduce the delivery choices so i left it on the warehouse.

i choise for the bare board the “SF Formerly PostNL)Air Mail (small)” option for 22CN and Paypal charged me 3.74USD!

i chose this option because it was cheap enough but supposed to be faster then the typical entry level “China post” (20CN but that takes 30 or more days… for delivery to Italy, usually), let’s see how long it takes.

i suppose that such a low cost naked board will not raise any interest at border customs too (for higher value item, i’d opt for those “direct mail options” that take more time but are quite “easy going” on the borders)

that’s all for now. all in all we are talking <24USD so not bad for me.

that’s something that puzzles me anyway, from a “professional” point of view: as far as i understand “Superbuy agents” are not making ANY sensible markup (and for a purchase of one low cost sample item, this should be really a lost on their side… they made and sent me two real pictures of the board and of the candy too, as the package arrived at their premises!!), so i’m wondering what their business model is.

it’s my first time with Taobao and agents, and i find this experience interesting for getting a first hand on this side of China e-commerce, but i’d like to understand where their gain is, because no one should be working for free, anybody knows?


finally i’ve got mine… it bliks “out of the box”! :slight_smile:

now it’s time to play with it and send some feedback!