Is it possible to buy lichee pi zero in any eshop?


Which have you used on lichee pi zero ?


It looks like it is the EA3036, see schematics page 5:


God, how long is this validation process? My credit Card is itching.


Still not there… Waiting eagerly!


It’s here:


Hi Zepan,
My order from Tindie got canceled, and I received this message:

We very much apologize but there has been an unexpected issue with your order #77510. To make things right, we’ve issued you a refund for $42.00. The details of the refund are below.
Reason: Took too long to ship. Order was not shipped within two weeks and has been automatically refunded.

Do you know when it will be okay to order ?


Hi, the smt factory delay the schdule, and I get the dock last weekend.
you can make order again and I will send out this week.


Thanks for your reply Zepan. I tried to order on Tindie directly but it is not possible. It only proposes to subscribe to the waiting list. Could you make it available again ?


dock looks nice. does that mean people who backed configuration with docks will be getting those anytime soon… and while on the topic on indidegogo, what about my dozen of zeros?


I still would like to buy one dock and lichee pi zero.
But tindie eshop says:
This store does not currently have any products available.


Hi Zepan,

I am one of your backers at Indiegogo, It is possible to get more ZeroW? where?


Hello, zepan! Where can I buy your product except Taobao, tinder says that the product is out of stock, I would like one new licheepi zero, and LVDS converters in the video interface