Request Tutorial

Hi, I want Lichee Pi Zero tutorial about:

  • Wifi, as station/access point/both
  • Blink on-board RGB LED
  • GPIO digital input/output, maybe use LED’s and buttons
  • Serial/UART, maybe a GPS module or GSM/GPRS module
  • SPI, maybe a RC522 RFID module
  • I2C, maybe a 1602 display module
    (or just change the modules. The important thing is to know how to send/receive data)
    Because I don’t use the LCD and desktop, also tutorial to access terminal using
  • USB OTG as Gadget Serial
  • Serial/UART debug
  • SSH
    Thank you.

Zero Dock have all items in your list.
I will release tutorial according to Zero Dock, for example, I2C OLED display, SPI TFT & LoRa, UART BLE, etc.
The tutorial posts’ title will begin with 【Tutorial】, you can search it in the bbs.