Security ,reliability, production ,best distro,graphics questions


Hi to group,

I wish to make one embedded project that i would not like to be copied and distributed
by competitors. I’m think of using a secure mcu having a part of the program .
Are there better solutions ?.
Regarding reliability i come from mcu world where everything seems reliable . Can we expect the same from lichee pi ?.There is no shutdown/restart option there …
REgarding production. What is this EOL issue ?. As i understand this is just announced chip .Is there such an issue ?.
I loaded xorg image leaving me only 10 mbyte free .I want to display some gifs. What can i use with minimum memory footprint ?.
Finally can this chips display 2 layers with alpha blending between them ?.What image must i use. Can it be made with FBDEV ?
Sorry for all these questions but i’m quite new to this chip and information is limited …