[Maix Bit, MaixPy] How to hookup ESP-01 Board for WiFi Connection

How can I hookup ESP-01 board for WiFi connection

I tried to use pin 5/6 which is system UART for USB and module uart (from machine import uart) but it’s not working because it is for USB. Checked if UART.init() function can define UART on different pins as follows:

uart2=UART.init(…, tx=6, rx=7) but not defined

If you can provide the advice,…


hi, you can refer to maixpy’s wifi code, it is use pin 7,8 connect to on board esp8285, you can use those two pin to connect to ESP-01

thanks! I physically connected esp-01 as you addressed but I need some ref code. Can you give me link or refer to the maixpy’s wifi code? I literally navigate all the links of sipeed site, I believe.



Thanks! I don’t speak Chinese but I think I can read python codes. Appreciated!


you can use google translate to read chinese~

Works greet!