SPI Mode 3 have bug?

Hello, I want use SPI0 Mode 3 data 8 bit to drive LCD display via 8080 interface but i found it and i think this bug.

Code for test:

#include "gpio.h"
#include "fpioa.h"
#include "./kendryte-standalone-sdk/lib/drivers/include/spi.h"

void setup() {
  // Map Pin
  fpioa_set_function(16, FUNC_SPI0_D0);
  fpioa_set_function(17, FUNC_SPI0_D1);
  fpioa_set_function(18, FUNC_SPI0_D2);
  fpioa_set_function(19, FUNC_SPI0_D3);
  fpioa_set_function(20, FUNC_SPI0_D4);
  fpioa_set_function(21, FUNC_SPI0_D5);
  fpioa_set_function(22, FUNC_SPI0_D6);
  fpioa_set_function(23, FUNC_SPI0_D7);
  fpioa_set_function(25, FUNC_GPIOHS8); // Map RS to GPIOHS
  fpioa_set_function(24, FUNC_SPI0_SCLK); // Map WR pin
  fpioa_set_function(26, FUNC_SPI0_SS0); // Map CS pin

  spi_init(SPI_DEVICE_0, SPI_WORK_MODE_3, SPI_FF_OCTAL, 8, 0);
  spi_init_non_standard(SPI_DEVICE_0, 8, 0, 15, SPI_AITM_AS_FRAME_FORMAT);

  spi_set_clk_rate(SPI_DEVICE_0, 1E6);

uint8_t dataBuffer[2] = { 0x0F, 0xF0 };

void loop() {
  spi_send_data_normal_dma(DMAC_CHANNEL3, SPI_DEVICE_0, SPI_CHIP_SELECT_0, dataBuffer, 2, SPI_TRANS_CHAR);

i upload code and then use oscilloscope to check pin IO24 and IO26 i found it

the 8080 interface will get data when pin WR change from LOW to HIGH. my code send 2 byte data but i see WR change from LOW to HIGH three times. i think this bug.

What do you think ? Thanks.

Note: I connect WR (LCD) to CLK (MAIX M1) and CS to SS0.