maixduino, arduino ide and c.


I have seen tutorials using maixduino card with maixpy (for face detection for example).
Is there c / c++ tutorial or code example for the same application target using arduino IDE environment ?

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Do you mean this:

Its for all k210 not only maixduino baord.

Thank you chegewara for the response.
I have already seen this git project and i have used the install link to install arduino IDE for maixduino card.
My card works, i have successfully run the standard arduino blink led sketch.

When i have created this topic, i had not seen the “example for sipeed maixduino board” in file>examples.
It is a first step and i am going to work with this examples.

“example for sipeed maixduino board” is really here

If you want to use face detection on maixduino, please wait for us to complete the yolo port.

Thank you BigBits,

Kind to you to answer to my newbie initial question.
I have tried successuflly this evening the sketch you mention.
The object’s recognition is not so good that i could hope but perhaps it is the fact of light beeing not strong enough for the camera. I will test further with daylight.

If there is a way i can help for the yolo port, let me know.
Have you an idea of the disponibility of the yolo port ?

Best regards.