MaixDuino mobilenet

Hello everyone, I have a problem related to the Maixduino and the example KPU mobilenet. I’m trying to run this example in my maixduino but does not load the model. The error does not leave automatically, ie in the LCD you can see that the system tries to load the model, but after a while I return this: mobile net init fail

How can I solve this problem, I download the model from the following link:



hello Jarain,

the header of the sketch you try you run say this:

  • Download model here :
  • Unpack it(zip format), get m.kmodel, change name to a short name “m” for example,
  • put it in SD card at root path

in fact it is not for example as the sketch is looking really for “m” :
const char* kmodel_name = “m”;

I have try this sketch this evening and it works for me.

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Hi mikael, problem solved.

Thank you