Maixduino wifi antena


on the Maixduino, is it possible to have an external wifi antenna like on the maixgo ? if I cut the chip corner should I expect a connector bellow :wink: ?

thanks in advance.

If you cut corner you wont see connector. Only option is to desolder esp32 module and solder esp32U, like this one:

I see. It would increase the price/time in labor… as our enclosure is in fiberglass so I expect the little serpent antenna will not be able to get data out.

I would love to go with the maixgo but at this point I was unable to find it without all the dev kit accessory (we only need the board+antenna+sensor), not the lcd/battery…) as our customers are price sensitive.

If you need some batch of maixduino boards then try to contact with seeedstudio and ask if they could solder esp32U for your client.

k thanks for the tips.