Freertos and esp8285 support

Does the Freertos have esp8285 (m1w) support using iwip?

The AWS freertos implementation appears to be significantly advanced over the one Kendryte used. Espressif is using AWS freertos.

I need a stack like this NXP one…

Amazon flavor of freertos with AVS running on top.

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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

I am new to FreeRTOS, so maybe I did not ask the question in the right way. If the upper layers are written for the networking API, will they work with the esp8285? I don’t care about using ipiw, I don’t want to rewrite the upper layers for a different API.

What do you think about working off from the Amazon version of FreeRTOS as the base like Espressif did?

Check out this new NXP offering, can Kendryte match it? The K210 hardware is better, but the software is not there.

In the above mentioned article parts of the software are purple, that is the open source AVS SDK.

K210 needs to make their specific versions of the blue and yellow pieces that implement the common API. The wake word, DSP and networking pieces.

First step is to move onto the Amazon maintained FreeRTOS base. Scroll down and you can see all of the vendors that have done this – Espressif, NXP, TI, Cypress, Mediatek, etc, etc.

Once K210 on that code base we can work on getting it merged upstream.