Maixduino ESP32 wifi not connecting

I am testing out the demo scripts at GitHub MaixPy_Scripts/network.
I have flashed the most recent firmware for both the K210 and ESP32.

print(“ESP32_SPI firmware version:”, nic.version())
ESP32_SPI firmware version: 1.4.0

The scan() function seems to work, it gives a listing of available SSIDs.
However the connect() function fails on me, not sure why.

Traceback (most recent call last):
File <stdin">, line 1, in <module">
OSError: Connect fail:FAILED

I double-checked my SSID/Password and tried Upper/Lower case.
Still fails to connect - any ideas?

Thanks - Bill Trondsen

Hi Bill,

I kindly ask your support beause at this moment I cannot use the ESP part… I try to connect to wifi, but with Arduino it reports that no ESP shield connected and with MaixPy it reports odule issue… with package…
How could you reach the connection stage?

Thanks in advance.

I found that my problem was incorrect wifi SSID. It actually needed a space at the end “SSID_” (the verizon guy set up our wifi… ). Fixing this got wifi working for me.

Here are some related tips:

Flash (using KFlash) the latest ESP32 firmware.

NOTE the Maixduino chips K210 and ESP32 will show up as two different serial ports. For me K210 is COM7 and ESP32 is COM8. This is not stated in the documentation anywhere, and caused me many wasted hours.

Micropython examples are run using Maipy IDE. To use these, first make sure to flash the latest maixdiuno firmware to the K210 port (for me was COM7).
Example wifi scripts are at:

For Arduino scripts, you do not need micropython (so will not need to flash maixdiuno firmware to K21). Arduino IDE Will first need to be configured to recognize maixdiuno board. Then, make sure to select “kflash” as the programmer.