Dan Dock Pinout

Hi, I’ve looked everywhere and I can’t seem to find a proper document with the pinouts for the 18 or 20-pin connectors on the M1 Dan Dock. I need one that documents the physical arrangement/position of the pins as they appear on the board so that I can reference those positions when viewing the board from above. The dock schematic isn’t helpful since it only shows the logical connections between the M1 module and the connectors, where I need a picture of the physical locations and assignments of each connector pin.

It’s very strange, I’ve never come across a successful project that leaves out such a critical detail as the pinout of a board they’re selling. I would really appreciate it if someone could provide such a document.


The connectors pinouts are quie well visible on the schematic:

I’m aware of the schematic, however the connectors are shown as SIP while the hardware is DIP, and there are other connectors on the board that could do with do with being documented in their actual location on the PCB since some connectors aren’t labeled due to the lack of room. A comprehensive overlay would be invaluable to allow users to see where all the pins are physically located, though even just the silk screen for the top and bottom would be helpful to start with.
It’s not that the info isn’t out there, it’s that it isn’t up to today’s standards for documenting PCBs and requires too much work to locate and extract (And then verify again to make sure it’s really what you think it is). It’s just a bunch of added effort for something that should be documented clearly using the silk screen and the layout of the PCB/connectors.

You are right, it would be nice to have better documentation,but it shouldn’t be to difficult to locate the right pins with what we have.
This is the best DanDock document I could find:
Sipeed Maix-Dock Specifications