MaixPy Firmware update (MaixPy 固件更新贴)


This post is for MAIXPY firmware update.
MAIXPY source code is in

this post stop update, please download from:

2019.2.28 MAIXPY beta 0.2.0

Add KPU load,init_yolo2, run_yolo2, forward, feature map, netinfo, etc
Add NES simulator, support PS2 SPI joystick and uart play;
Add I2S, FFT functions.
Add AVI play, wav play functions. (719.8 KB)

2019.2.19 MAIXPY beta 0.1.1

Fix Camera vflip function.
Release on github:

2019.2.17 MAIXPY beta 0.1.0


Support GPIO, UART, I2C, SPI, PWM, Timer, FPIOA;
Support LCD, Camera, MicroSD card(FAT32), Flash(SPIFFS), esp8285.
Support wifi functions: network config, socket communication.
Support CPU/KPU freq turning functions.
Support basic KPU fucntions: image’s convolution acceleration.
Port part of openmv functions, like QRcode, barcode, find_blobs…
Support pye editor.
Support uPyLoader and ampy.
Documents in (chinese version is more than eng version yet)
openmv document in
maixpy beta (938.7 KB)

2019.2.15 update: (954.3 KB)

#2 -p /dev/ttyACM0 maximaixpy_omv_alpha_0.3.bin
[INFO] COM Port Selected Manually: /dev/ttyACM0
[INFO] Default baudrate is 115200 , later it may be changed to the value you set.
[INFO] Trying to Enter the ISP Mode…
[INFO] Greeting Message Detected, Start Downloading ISP
[ERROR] Unable to find the firmware at maximaixpy_omv_alpha_0.3.bin


what version of kflash do you use? Can you download other bin use your kflash?
try this one: (43.6 KB)


To me it looks like the new bit in this release is the inclusion of the OpenMV “image” library… here’s a quick pic of the “green blob detection” demo (third code sample provided) in action:

You can find documentation on this library here:

#5 works fine with previous versions of it.

pinned #6

unpinned #7

pinned #8

tiny-yolo on MAIX

I managed to build the regular Py binary at 1.3MB, but how do you do the minimal? Is it a make parameter or a different port?


edit this file to config: MaixPy/ports/k210-freertos/

unpinned #11


So the minimal build is all =n then.


no, there is minimal option inside