Maix Go Display not working.


I’ve had the display on my Maix go working, but when ever I start communicating over the USB serial the display turns off. Also although I receive the greeting text on the USB I’m unable to transmit anything. (and the display is blank).

After much playing, the display is off permanently. Help?!?

Further notes: All wires seem to be intact. Wu Caesar suggested the back light might need some extra soldering attention.


The serial problem is old stm32 firmware’s error; you can try this new firmware :


Maybe you can try to connect them.It make the backlight on all the time.


It has compiler dependencies that I don’t know how to handle.
…/ Cannot find libopencm3 library in the standard search paths.
…/ *** Please specify it through OPENCM3_DIR variable!. Stop.

I’m also looking for all micropython (just to get me going) not just a driver so I’m not sure how this applies.


Ok I’ve done that, and the screen is now white. No greeting anymore. I think the screen may be broken. Not having much luck with this board.