Maix Go Camera direction


When I run the face_detect and si_demo_sim demos I compiled from the LIcheeDan_k210_examples repository, the picture on my Maix Go is mirrored (right<>left). My camera is mounted on the opposite side of the LCD (not selfie mode), which I believe is the reason for this.

Where can I change this in the demos?
Its in the camera, not the LCD, because the bounding boxes with classifications do not appear swapped.



Hi, please refer to our maixpy’s code, there have code for vflip/hflip config in sensor.c


Thanks, this worked. I rewrote ov2640_set_hmirror() based on that code.

In retrospect, I could hardwire this by changing ov2640.c line 31’s value from 0x88 to 0x08.
I assume this depends whether the camera is in the front or back.
Maybe add a #define for front or back camera and add it to the ov2640 init code, instead of writing a dedicated function for this. (bit 7 of reg 0x04 while in bank 0x01), as it is not expected to be changed after init.


thank you for your suggestion, but we are focus on maixpy, it is easy to change direction via python api.
Also, welcome push your code to our c demo reposity: