If I understood correctly the ESP8285 is responsible for WiFi connection.
Is the ESP8285 installed in M1W only?
Which modules are WiFi compatible?
I installed MaixPy 0.1.1 and did not find ESP8285 inside machine library?
Any hints are welcome.
Regards, Claus


hi, you can refer to


Is it correct that only M1W has Wifi connection?
I need the M1 doch w/ M1W module for that?
Which module should I select for that?


M1w have wifi, and we will soon make microSD shape wifi module, and you can insert it to microSD-slot to use wifi


Perfect. Please notify me.


Hello a bit newbie here. What is the function of ESP8285 in most Maixpy boards?
Can I use ESP8266 instead? Can you provide library for ESP8266?


yes you can. we just use stand at lib. please refer to our maixpy repo in github.


what is the FW in ESP8285 or ESP8266?


AT firmware.