NES Emulator module now in MaixPy


Over on the EEVblog forum I noticed a post announcing a MaixPy NES emulator module for MaixPy - actually it looks this all started here - and so I thought I would cross post it here.

It appears this work has been pushed into the MaixPy GitHub repo and I can confirm it works on the MAIX GO (well mostly, there are some sound issues by default right now which I think are due to peripheral setup differences between the GO and the Dock boards. is fixed now) As well as a recent MaixPy build, you will also need a nes rom to load from a SD card (I chose Zelda):

Here is the micropython run script provided:

import nes
from Maix import GPIO

fm.register(8,  fm.fpioa.GPIO0)



The audio now can work correctly~~~


Ah yes thank you - it’s much better now after commit 38bd881. Now all we need are some differential signal input pins in order to connect up a USB game controller. :laughing:


support PS2 controller


PS2 to SPI wiring for anyone following this: