Maix GO LCD using standalone SDK



is there any example on how to drive the Maix GO LCD shield using the kendryte standalone SDK ? Looking at the MaixPy code, there is no mention of the DVP port being used to drive the LCD only the SPI bus.



Yes, I have done this, take a look here in the directory ‘LCD’. You can delete about 90% of the code if you want. What you do need from main.cpp are:

#include "my_st7789.h"
my_ST7789 tft = my_ST7789(240, 320);

and the files my_st7789.cpp and my_st7789.h.

You can also (maybe even better) look at the example in the directory “camera_lcd”. This demo is close to the demo from kendryte, but with the right settings for the MAIX Go.

And indeed, it uses SPI. The camera uses DVP.


thanks for you help, i got my project to work.