Roadmap for support of more Micropython Libs


Do you have a roadmap for when you are going to support more of the Micropython libs found at Some of your own examples include an import of pyb, which fails, even on the 0.3 release. Maybe you should make sure your examples work.



recently we are focus on openMV supporting, and then we will go through to low level libs


Only 1 of 3 examples runs (same code in English & Chinese Doc)
Tested with maixpy_v0.3.1_full.bin

1.1. Routine 1: Find green # WORKS

1.2. Routine 2: Display fps # FAILS, No Clock Library

1.3. Routine 3: Scan QR code #FAILS as is.
Removed Clock code (only used for fps) Modified Code FUNCTIONS

My goal April Tags
Replaced line #17 with: res = img.find_apriltags()
New error:
line 17, in
OSError: The maximum supported resolution for find_apriltags() is < 64K pixels.


clock have renamed time after 0.3.0, use: clock = time.clock()
QRcode: you need adjust camera hmirror and vflip, other wise mirror image can’t get the result.
apritags: you need use QQVGA (as same as openMV limit), and adjust mirror too