MaixPy 0.3 demo firmware package

MaixPy 0.3.1 AI demo package firmware
Flash Partition:
0x000000~0x200000 MaixPy firmware (1.4MB)
0x200000~0x280000 MNIST Handwritten digit recognition (0.2MB)
0x280000~0x300000 yolov2-tiny face detection (0.4MB)
0x300000~0x500000 yolov2-tiny 20-classes object detection (1.2MB)
0x500000~0x800000 MobileNet 1000-classes classifier model (2.7MB)
0x800000~0xD00000 Reserve for other model or user data (5.0MB)
0xD00000~0xFFFFFF SPIFFS (3.0MB)

Demonstrate functions:

  1. mnist : note: close to digit number, fill number to whole window to get best result
  2. mnist feature map: see every layer of mnist model
  3. face detection
  4. 20-classes object detection
  5. MobileNet 1000-classes classifier: put labels.txt to microSD card or flash file system first
  6. spectrogram
  7. microphone array: Sound field imaging

Other functions(nes, lvgl, video, etc.):
Download from

Dear Zepan,

I’ve already installed maixpy_v0.3.2_full. Do I need to flash the firmware back to 0.3.1? or just flash partition, from 0x200000 to 0x50000? and how to upload those .py files? create a new file in the IDE, copy, and use the function “save to the borad”?

Thanks a lot!!!