Overclocking Guidelines?

Published documentation and sales pages have stated that clock speed can be raised from 400Mhz to 500Mhz using on board power supply options. Other sales pages have mentioned 600, 700Mhz, the indigogo listing states: " overclock to 800MHz, it offers 0.5TOPS"

I have not found any guidelines from kendryte on the subject.

Is overclocking practical?

Is overheating the limiting factor?, would added heat sinks help?

(I don’t find any info on internal temperate sensors)

Has Sipeed done substantial testing at 800Mhz?

you need change the R in dcdc circuit, increase 0.9V to 1.1V, and it will help you overclock to >700MHz
We have overclock to 780MHz max, and it is too hot, we stop it.
in MaixPy we limit the max freq to 600MHz

Is it just the DCDC circuit change or are there additional registers to change in software? Data sheet does not discuss PLL in any detail.
Is there example for overclocking?

please refer to maixpy’s API: https://maixpy.sipeed.com/zh/libs/Maix/freq.html
and the c code is open source too.

Thanks Zepan.