Safe mode?

I had a typo in my code that spits out errors in a timer function (so serial is unusable), and I can’t find a way to change it. I’ve tried pressing the BOOT and RST buttons together and holding them down in different orders, but nothing works. Flashing the chip doesn’t fix it either. Is there some way to activate a safe mode or something that skips the Or maybe some way to erase the flash? I can’t find an option in kflash. This is on a Maix Bit.

Update: Now it isn’t flashing at all. It gets about halfway through and an error message pops up saying either that it timed out, or that the device is not functioning.

Hi, please just type Ctrl+C in terminal to stop it

Ctrl+C to stop it.
then, you can edit your

from pye_mp import pye

Ctrl+S to save.