Things to Aid Demonstration


To make it easier to give standalone demos to groups (that help your sales)

  1. Video output adapter (like your Liche boards use) so the LCD image can be shown on a projetor.
    (Just showing one of the NANO add-on boards as an example, too many ribbon pins)

  1. SD card based code to Flash binaries from the SD card, without requiring a PC.
    I don’t know if it’s technically feasible for a utility residing on the SD card to write to the Flash memory.
    This would simplify switching single purpose demo binaries by selecting available demos from something like a menu without lugging along a laptop.


Hi, you mean which board? lichee zero or nano?


I added the notation that a Nano add-on board is shown. I imagine the kendryte is a bigger challenge to adapt video formats than the Allwinner multimedia chip.