Screen stays dark, 2 blue LEDs glowing, none blinking. Not recognized by PC.


I got a new MaixPY Go and assembled it accordingly to the video on youtube. When I switched it on the red LED and 2 blue LEDs are constantly glowing, but no blinking blue LED. The screen stays dark and no boot message comes up. When I try to connect to the device via my laptop running ubuntu to flash a new firmware is says:

$ python3 -p /dev/ttyUSB0 -b 2000000 -B dan maixpy_v0.3.2_full.bin

[INFO] COM Port Selected Manually: /dev/ttyUSB0
[INFO] Default baudrate is 115200 , later it may be changed to the value you set.
[INFO] Trying to Enter the ISP Mode…

.Warning: recv unknown op 250

[INFO] Greeting Message Detected, Start Downloading ISP
[INFO] CH340 mode

but it is not doing anything. What is going wrong?


you make wrong para in cmd, you should use -B goE, not -B dan
and use ttyUSB1, not ttyUSB0
please refer to


Great advice. Now it works. My mistake, I did not read the github page.

small typo there: it says “and should choose sencond com port”

Thanks a lot!