Flash Error


When I try to flash firmware onto a maix bit using platformio and the maixduino framework, I get this error:


Does this always happen?
With my board an error occurs about once in every five times I flash the board. I get different errors, see for example here.
After a couple of tries it usually works.
Also, after just switching on the board (or resetting) you may need to wait a little time (30 seconds or so) before it can be flashed.


This happens maybe 9/10 times I try to flash it. Usually it’s some sort of timeout error, either in the ISP step or the actual flashing. Sometimes there’s other errors too, like one that just says “retry” over and over again.


Have you tried other download tools? Will the same problem occur?


I’ve tried it with multiple different version of kflash. I’m going to try using ubuntu next to see if it had something to do with the windows drivers.