[MAIXPY]kpu: load error: -1

I’m trying to figure out how to use the KPU in MaixPy, but when I run the example code with the only modifications being different anchors and a different model (which is still less than 3 MB) on the SD card, it doesn’t load the model and gives the error in the title. Is the model still too big for MaixPy? I thought the max size was around 4MB?

I would also be fine with a solution to this in C++ with Maixduino. The only KPU example for that I could find was object classification, not object detection. If there was an example or some documentation for object detection in C++, that would be preferable.

you should use minimum maixpy firmware to run 3MB kmodel. (recently we add more functions, and free mem will less, we will look for solutions)
we will add detection demo to maixduino soon

I tried running the minimal version, but had the same error. Also, when will you add the object detection demo? Is there at least any documentation on it? I couldn’t find anything in any of the docs.