MaixPy IDE Mac OSX cannot install on previous Mac OSX versions

The MaixPy IDE for Mac OSX (V0.22) cannot be installed on previous OSX version (10.11, 10.12), in fact the .dmg file cannot be opened (no mountable filesystem), the reason is that this image has been made with the lastest filesystem format for OSX which is APFS, and this format cannot be managed by older OSX versions like 10.11 and 10.12.

So could you please kindly package this .dmg with HFS format instead so that we can install it on older OSX version as well? Anotehr option is to provide the APP directly in a zip file.

In our case the system has been set-up wih various toolchains which took a lot of tweaking, upgrading to 10.13 would waste too much time and effort to redo all this again and so it is not an option (and we are certainly not the only ones in this case).
Thank you.