【track number】almost all order is sendout now


almost all order is sendout(include tindle order, exclude lora/mic suit)
here is the track number, you can track it on http://www.17track.net/en
last month I sendout another batch, I will upload that list later.

2017082710 track number.csv (5.2 KB)


Here is the track number that send out last month:
2017073016 track numbers.csv (1.4 KB)


Can you please check my package RS685232622CN?
On 17track it says Alert and something like undelivered

Thanks in advance


I see, it seems send back to china. I need send out again


How long it will take to update the tracking on the website. Still its not updates on 17track.


this weekend will update, as I send packages to agent first.


i have many contributions, that do NOT appear in the your file.
does “almost” mean NO lora?


The tracker says “Item is not found at this moment, If necessary, please verify with the package sender and check back later.”. Does so for my number, and for any other number from the list I tried.

Maybe there is some error in the tracking number list?

Edit: my tracking number is LM575172467CN, Yuriy Chertkov, UA.


Can you please check my package RG866232863CN?
On 17track it’s not found

Thanks in advance



Hello Zepan, It seems like my order is not found.

Track Number: LX459546959CN

Can I get an update as to what is going on please?

Thanks in advance,


zepan, plz address the valid concerns expressed here.


Yeah, @Zepan what is going on with this? I can’t find my package tracking # either. It seems there hasn’t been an update in 11 days


anybody on paper with a number in that fictional last batch, actually able to see that number tracked anywhere?
surreal, aint it…




Can you give us an update? Is there a problem with the shipping agent or something? literally any information is better than nothing



Not Found



Nope not able to track either of my orders.
It is just as if they created a bunch of pre-shipments and did not ship them yet.

What is going on? Why are the tracking numbers not trackable???
It’s late September 2017…


valveman + 1.
still in the same boat, still NOT FOUND…
and i am advised from china post corporation to contact the sender.
and here is the most (or least, depending on how one looks at it) fun part of it all, there is no way in hell to contact the sender, that is zepan/cesar.


Same problem
Order not found


Mine was found, should be delivered next week now.