Track number update(2018.01.23)


Hi, all,
I noticed last batch package was lost on the road to shipping agency.
And then I resend that batch (in 2018.01.23), but some suit is lack of somepart, and the dock part will replace as new dock version.

Here is the track number.
2018012314.csv (2.1 KB)

Sorry for the delay, as I take part into a new company and it becomes the parttime project, and it is not convenience to send to out of country. but it is still available to order lot size, or agency it.

LicheePi also get new gen board: LicheePi Nano, $2 linux module, SD-size:

And LicheePi RV: $2 FPGA (RISC-V core included) board:


Hello, Zepan! where can I buy your new fees? where you can buy converters LVDS-> HGA, HDMI