【tracking number】Fisrt batch express tracking number


Urgent suit is send out, and the express is EUB.
The express website is http://www.ems.com.cn, you can tract mail on it.
Here is the xls:
20170529_track.csv (3.1 KB)

There are some coutries that EUB can’t reach, those orders will default send out via slower way(>15 days).
Here is the list(urgent suit), if you want use DHL, please add $15~$50 extra express fee to me.
My alipay account is: zepanwucai@gmail.com, you can contact with me to talk about the extra fees.

488 fabortizv Ecuador
474 catalin Romania
455 Alexey Montenegro
427 Maksims Latvia
352 Priit Estonia
337 Herbert Philippines
299 Pedro Brazil
298 Victor Brazil
287 Aditya India
163 Thanatip Thailand
117 Hau Vietnam
102 Ameer Maldives


Thanks for the update. Looking forward to playing with the board!